Our Services


Let COSTAR be of assistance if your IT process or implementations are consuming your valuable time and money due to repetitive issues. We can help if your projects run beyond the ideal triangle of scope-time-cost, or you are facing inefficiencies in your regular projects or departmental functions. We assist our clients to migrate from legacy systems to distributed business systems to meet their ever-changing business requirements and to reduce the overall cost impact of technological changes. We enable Enterprises to achieve success with high quality, better efficiency and greater productivity in their IT processes and implementations.


COSTAR is available to consult on hardware selection for your unique needs. Each installation is a little bit different. COSTAR will provide you the recommendations you need to get the system you want. If you are working with a local supplier that is excellent! Should you or your hardware provider have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


COSTAR Computer Systems believes that it is the selection of the computer vendor, their software, their support and their ability to understand your business that will make the difference between success and failure in the implementation and installation of your system. The best part is that our technical and software support experts are available when you need them. You speak directly with our software support experts, no waiting days-on-end for email support responses. Our goal is for a live technical support representative to call you within 15 minutes of receiving your call! Our expert software support technicians can diagnose and troubleshoot problems with your software and systems. We answer questions and provide advice as to how to solve your business problems long term which is more than just providing a quick fix. After all is said and done, it is the results that count!


Class Room training enhances the learning experience. Each student learns by doing; hands-on in a classroom environment without interruptions and the daily pressure of business. You are alert, fresh and focused. COSTAR training is available over the internet using “Go To Meeting” conferencing technology. This eliminates travel, saving you both time and money. Expert and professional instructors conduct the training in 3 hour time blocks. Internet training is fully interactive, both you and our instructors are using the software in real time. Multiple expert and professional instructors are utilized throughout the training. This allows us to bring our expertise, as required, to the classroom. We talk your language, about your industry, not computer jargon. You leave the course informed, confident and in control.