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COSTAR Document Exchange (CDX) is an electronic document processing system. / « CDX » veut dire « Échange de documents Costar ». Il s’agit d’un système de traitement automatique de documents entre différents partis.

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COSTAR Document Exchange (CDX) is an electronic document processing system for issuing COSTAR Purchase Orders to Suppliers, receiving Supplier Invoices and Credit Notes into COSTAR Accounts Payable, and sending COSTAR Invoices and Credit Notes to National Accounts. This is a “Managed Service” that COSTAR provides to customers who are using COSTAR Enterprise or COSTAR Distribution application software. Each Supplier has different document interchange standards, communication methods and document types. Therefore, CDX has been developed to be flexible enough to adapt to each individual supplier’s requirements.

COSTAR has made a significant programming investment to develop CDX as we see the need in the industry to streamline the exchange of documents between buyers and sellers. The “win” for COSTAR customers is significant time savings for administrative functions within the Enterprise. As well, CDX provides real financial benefits, as the CDX enabled Enterprise may be able to take advantage of early payment discounts as a result of the efficiencies provided by CDX.


    • Data mapping of Supplier and National Account documents
    • Provides secure transfer of documents, when supported by Supplier
    • Monitoring of document transfers with automatic e-mail notifications of problems that need manual intervention
    • Supported formats; XML, Text, EDI


    • Does not require the use of EDI Van or other 3rd party service provider, unless mandated  by Supplier or National Account
    • Substantial savings by replacing the manual data entry of Supplier Invoices and Credit Notes and Invoicing to National Accounts
    • COSTAR supported system