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Integra Tire Stores - COSTAR Shop Management Software

Integra Tire Stores

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COSTAR & Integra Tire - defining business "Integraty". / Costar et Integra Tire – une bonne définition « d’intégrité ».

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“There’s a force behind everything we do. It’s about showing pride in our work and being accountable to our customers. It’s achieving what we set out to accomplish and always striving to improve the customer experience—from start to finish. It’s about making our community a better place to live in. It’s about building real, honest relationships with our customers and never compromising on our values. It’s what sets us apart as a company and brings us all together as a family. We call it Integraty—our endless pursuit of excellence, every day for every customer.” – Well said Integra Tire – at COSTAR we couldn’t agree more.

COSTAR has been servicing Integra Tire Corporate & Associate stores since Integra Tire started out as brand. We continue to service our long standing customers as well as adding new shops like the good folks in Peace River Alberta. COSTAR’s new direct integration into NTD’s Oracle system will provide our Integra Customers all the connectivity they have come to expect. Quality products & services even through transitional times – you can count on COSTAR.

Contact COSTAR today and do a live demonstration of the software. We are confident that you will find COSTAR the best tool for the job!